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Name: Suzy Q
DOB:April 13,1990
AGE: 11 years old
Favorite Pasttime: Playing video games
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite ThemePark: DisneyLand

Likes: games,drawing,helping out,drawing,eating chinese food,sleeping,anime,drawing!

Dislikes: Mean people,yucky bugs,and Mean people!

Favorite Anime: Tenchi Muyo,Sailor Moon,Pokemon(Pikachu is my Favorite)Digimon,Sonic The Hedgehog,Nights Into Dreams,Card Captors,Hello Kitty,Dragonball Z,and Outlaw Star!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dreams: To grow up and becoming an artist!!!!!!!!!!!

My Inspirations...
When I grow up,I would like to become an Anime Artist!Perhaps even take part in creating an Anime Movie!Since I'm only 11 years old,I think I have a head start in drawing Anime.Eventually my skills should make me become a good artist one day!Hopefully!!!

Mood: Happy =^-^=